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10am - 10pm
11am - 10pm

You can always make an appointment by phone.
Mobile: 0477 287 181

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All massages:

€50 / 30min
€80 / 60min

Traditional massage:

60€/60min (appointment)

Tantra massage:

110€/60 min

Nuru massage:

Here we welcome you



Traditional Thai Massage

A full-body Thai traditional massage improves blood circulation and energy flow as it relaxes tensed muscles and ligaments. Pressure points in the body are probed and kneaded, to suit your preference of soft or hard massage, as the body is coaxed through a series of stretching and bending. The massage helps relieve strained joints, stressed muscles, and body.


Oil Massage is in difference to Classical Thai Massage more relaxing and less invasive. Masseuses do not practice the pressure method, they focus more on unblocking the muscles and on relaxation of the soul. Your body and skin relax and relieve of stress. A regular massage tranquillizes the nervous system, relieves muscles tension and stimulates blood circulation.

Thai Body to Body Massage

Our masseuses are experienced and know where to touch and how giving you a good feeling of relaxation of both the body and soul. Their body touch over yours gives both the relaxation and pleasure needed in this Thai technique.
The specialty of the body body Thai massage is, apart from rubbing the oil over your body, the girl also applies oil to her body and then uses her oily body to rub oil all over you.


Tantra & Nuru

Tantric massage is a mystical oriental massage leading to higher levels of passion and sensuality. It delays the culmination and focus more attention and time on foreplay, so that a greater sensual ecstasy can be achieved.

Nuru Massage is a massage where the masseuse will massage with long loving caresses of her hands, with the curves of her entire body. The nuru gel will flow freely and the masseuse will glide with erotic movements over your naked body.